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This site was formerly known as Portlandghosts.com

After several years in New Mexico I am back in the Portland area but focused mainly on UFO reports and investigation.


Please click HERE for my crowdfunding campaign regarding the Roswell Incident.


Here is my newest YouTube channel, Indigo Raven. Feel free to subscribe and share it with others.


I am currently working on creating a database of sightings and abductions in and around the Portland area. If you or anyone you know has seen something in the sky that you couldn't explain (with or without photo/video to corroborate), or feel that you may be part of an abduction scenario, please contact me. Your name will be kept confidential if requested. Please use ziaparanormal@gmail.com with UFO Sighting or Abduction as the Subject. I will then contact you for further details and information in regards to your experience.


- Thank you

Desert Highlands Paranormal Research

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Desert Highlands Paranormal Research consisted of myself and the co-founder. He has since relocated to Colorado and I moved further south into New Mexico and then eventually back to Portland. Our focus was on both the paranormal and UFO/ET research. I am no longer associated with DHPR and am unsure of its status at this point. Feel free to visit the site and make an inquiry if you are located around the Colorado Springs or Denver area.











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