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The purpose of this site is to offer resources and information on various topics. Many of the things discussed here are based on factual evidence while some are speculation on my part based on looking into various subjects.


The point of this site is not to convince you of anything, but rather to make you curious enough to look into things yourself and come to your own conclusion. You should never take anyone at their word, but instead look into things on your own. People have proven they will lie and deceive you in order to promote an agenda, gain control over you, or benefit in some way. Ask questions and always doubt what you are being told is the truth.

Indigo Raven

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Indigo Raven is my YouTube channel where my videos on anything not related to ghosts or spirits can be found. I recently deleted all of the videos and decided to start over from scratch because I wasn't happy with the format I was using.

Because of this, the channel will take some time to populate. Please be patient as videos are produced and uploaded.


There is also a Facebook page as well.











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Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding research, investigations or any other inquiries.

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